Security & Data Handling

Multicollab sets strict standards for security. Our development team deploys cutting-edge current cybersecurity protocols to ensure your experience is user-friendly and 100% secure.
The Multicollab plugin security & data handling measures include:
  • Checked by a PHPCS scan using the WordPress-VIP-Go standard.
  • Cosebase with zero (0) PHP errors and warnings.
  • All user input is sanitized and validated to block SQL injections.
  • All user data is checked to ensure it is safely escaped without ambiguity; including esc_html(), esc_attr(), and esc_url().
  • Nonce checks to ensure your site performance is never impacted.
  • We ensure that the data requested from a user matches what they have submitted.
  • Ensure all files are valid UTF-8. Data will return false if it encounters invalid UTF-8.
  • Commenting uses a post meta table to store the comment’s unique key.
Multicollab never saves or stores any user data. When users submit feedback, we fetch the following details:
  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Website URL
  • WordPress version
  • Gutenberg version
  • PHP Version
  • Theme details
  • Multicollab Version
  • Multicollab Plan
  • Date & Time
  • Language
  • Browser Information
  • Webserver Information
  • OS information