How inline comment works?

You must click Publish or Save Draft on the page or post for any Multicollab activity to save on your website database. There is currently no autosave feature for Multicollab.

Inline comments are the cornerstone of Multicollab. They add a Google Docs-style editorial environment directly within your WordPress website where customizable email and Slack integrations ensure your editorial team sees when inline comments occur.

You can record inline comments in two ways. Both begin by selecting or highlighting the Block on which you want to leave a comment.

Option 1: After selecting a Block, the Multicollab Floating Toolbar appears on the right side of Gutenberg Editor. Select the add comment icon (💬➕), compose your comment, and click Comment.

Option 2: Go to the WordPress Floating Menu after selecting a Block. Select the add comment icon (💬➕), compose your comment, and click Comment.

Option 3: Add Comments Using Keyboard Shortcut: Adding comments got even easier with the new keyboard shortcut feature. Users can add comments using the following keyboard shortcuts – For Windows – CTRL + ALT + M && For Mac – ⌘ Cmd + ⌥ Option + M

To view the accepted blocks for comments, please review the below link: Commenting Feature: Compatibility & Limitation.

Tracking Inline Comments

Inline comments are automatically tracked within the Activity Center on each page or post where Multicollab is enabled. Comments are displayed in chronological order, starting from the most recent comment recorded.

By scrolling through the Activity Center, you can view all prior inline comments on the page/post.

You can also view all inline comments within the Reports tab (Multicollab > Reports).

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