Purchase Premium

Use these step-by-step instructions to purchase a new plan and download the Multicollab plugin.

Purchasing Multicollab PRO

Step 1: Click here to purchase a new plan.

Step 2: Click on any Buy [Plan] button to purchase the plan of your choice.

Step 3: Fill up all the required information and also review the order details in the 'Your Order' section. Step 4: After reviewing the order details in the 'Your Order' section, click on the 'Complete Checkout' button to purchase the order.

Step 5: Once the purchase is completed, review the transaction details - plugin purchase, renewal date, and license key.

You can also download the plugin by clicking on the 'Download Plugin' button.

Step 6: Verify that the following email notifications - “Welcome Mail” and “Payment Receipt” are delivered to you. If you didn’t receive the emails, contact our support team for further assistance.

Step 7: Check the email notification, which consists of the plugin download link. Click on the link to download the plugin.

Step 8: You can also download the plugin by logging into your account, visiting this link, entering the appropriate credentials, and clicking on the 'Login' button. Now click on the 'File Downloads' option and click on the 'Download Plugin' button.

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