How to share a comment?

You must click Publish or Save Draft on the page or post for any Multicollab activity to save on your website database. There is currently no autosave feature for Multicollab.

Share a Comment

All comments within a page or post that have not been marked as complete or deleted are displayed on the right-hand side of the editing screen within the Gutenberg Editor.

Within each comment, authorized users are able to use the Share Comment feature. You can access this feature by clicking the three vertical dots within each comment (⋮).

From there, you are presented with the option to Share, Edit, or Delete the comment. Click Share. A notification—” Link Copied”—will inform you the comment has been copied.

You can then share the link with any authorized contributor to that page or post. By clicking the link, users are automatically navigated directly to the comment that requires attention.

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