How comment assignment works?

You must click Publish or Save Draft on the page or post for any Multicollab activity to save on your website database. There is currently no autosave feature for Multicollab.

Just as you can assign specific people to specific items within Google Drive (spreadsheet cells, docs, etc.), you can assign comments to authorized users within WordPress. In fact, if you are familiar with this feature of Google Drive, you already know how to assign work in Multicollab.

Here are the steps to assign comments to a specific user:

To assign a comment to the user, select the text or block where you want to assign work. Then, click on the Comment option in the Gutenberg block toolbox.

If you want to assign an existing comment to a user, click on the comment itself & click Reply.

  • In either case, start by typing ‘@’ followed by the username.
  • Select the name of the desired user as per your input.
  • Tick the checkbox Assign to and hit the comment/reply button.

After assigning work in a comment/reply, save changes to your WordPress Post/Page. Only then will the assignment save and notify the assignee.

Note: You can only assign work to others on pages or posts on authorized pages or posts.

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