Security & Data Handling

Multicollab here to strict security standards. Our development team deploys cutting-edge cybersecurity protocols to ensure a user-friendly and 100% secure experience.

Code Security & Standards

  • Checked by a PHPCS scan using the WordPress-VIP-Go standard.
  • Cosebase with zero (0) PHP errors and warnings.
  • All user input is sanitized and validated to block SQL injections.
  • All user data is checked to ensure it is safely escaped without ambiguity; including esc_html(), esc_attr(), and esc_url().
  • Nonce checks to ensure your site performance is never impacted.
  • We ensure that the data requested from a user matches what they have submitted.
  • All files are valid UTF-8. Data will return false if it encounters invalid UTF-8.

Data Processing and Handling

We do not have access to any of your website data or plugin usage data without your permission.

We ask permission to share the following data when you submit feedback, install a plugin, or uninstall a plugin. We can only access this data if you opt in or allow it.

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Website URL
  • WordPress version
  • Gutenberg version
  • PHP Version
  • Theme details
  • Multicollab Version
  • Multicollab Plan
  • Date & Time
  • Language
  • Browser Information
  • Webserver Information
  • Operating System information
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