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Slack Notification

Know how to enable Slack integration with Multicollab plugin and get real-time updates for collaborative activities in a dedicated slack channel.

Receive real-time Slack Notifications for mentions, replies, and other activities to a dedicated Slack channel. When changes are made to a post or page, or attention is required for specific content, the editorial team has a centralized location to view content changes and collaborate.
Once Slack is integrated with Multicollab, the plugin will provide the following Slack notifications within the dedicated Slack channel designated by the Administrator:
  • New Comment
  • Mentions team members in the comments
  • Reply to comment
  • Resolve a comment thread
  • Assign comment threads
  • Add an attachment to the comment/reply
  • New Suggestion Accept / Reject Suggestion
To remove an active Slack integration, click Disconnect on the Integrations tab on the Multicollab Settings page (Admin Dashboard > Multicollab > Settings).