Guide for Activities Center

The Activity Center displays all comments and editorial activities by all users on posts and pages—including the total number of actions taken within the respective page or post.
The Activity Center records whenever users add a new comment, reply to a comment, delete a reply, or resolve a comment. All actions are chronologically recorded within the activity log.
For a comprehensive overview of all page or post activities, click on the Summary tab.

Activity Center Quick Settings

To toggle the Activity Center on or off within Gutenberg Editor, select the Multicollab icon from the top right-hand corner of the editing interface.
Each authorized user of the page or post can also turn on Suggestion mode, hide suggestions, and hide comments in order to provide a distraction-free editing and writing experience from within the Settings tab of the Activity Center.
If the Multicollab icon does not appear, click the three vertical dots (⋮) also in the top right-hand corner of Gutenberg Editor. Under Plugins, ensure the Multicollab name has a checkmark.
Jump to Actions
Click any activity within the activity log to jump to the location within the page or post where the action occurred. This feature allows editors and content moderators to quickly jump to review any specific changes or updates to content without needing to scan the entire page or post.
Color-coded For Convenience
The active comments will have white background while the notifications for resolved/deleted comments will have a grey colored background. When selecting and commenting from the activity center, the action gets highlighted with a blue background.
Advanced Activity Center Dashboard
With Multicollab’s Advanced Dashboard functionality, Administrators can also oversee the entire editorial workflow with transparent data points through an intuitive reporting feature.
The advanced Activity Center is located within the Multicollab dashboard. Admin Dashboard > Multicollab > Reports.