Activity Center

Keep a tab on all the comment activities by all the users collaborating in the post/page.
The Activity Center of Multicollab plugin can be visited by opening any page or post in the editing mode, provided you have our plugin installed. It can be seen in the top-right corner of your editor.
Just as the activity center in Google Docs or your Yoast’s SEO & readability icon in the sidebar, Multicollab plugin’s activity center is added next to the setting button. On clicking this black-colored button, you will be able to see comments and actions taken for them.
Using the Activity Center, one can keep an eye on all actions taken by multiple users (including the self) for that particular post/page. Actions like Add new comment, Give a reply to a comment, Delete a reply and Resolve a comment are all recorded here.
The active comments will have white background while the notifications for resolved/deleted comments will have grey colored background and if we select and comment from activity center then it gets highlighted with blue background.
Active Comment with white background
Selected Comment with blue background
Resolved Comment with grey background