How it works
Step-by-Step Guide to add how to add Editorial comments in the plugin

Adding a new page/post or Editing an Existing Page/Post

Now, to test or use the Multicollab Plugin, you must open or create a page or post. So, follow these steps:
1 - Navigate to Pages and click on the Add New button.
2 - Now, write something on this page or add Gutenberg blocks, such as a text block. Alternatively, you may also open an existing page/post (created using Gutenberg Editor).
3 - Select text from any block or select the image block’s caption. In the Block Toolbar that just appeared, you must click on the three-dots now. You will see an option to Comment now. Click on it.
4 - See the opened comment box. You may add your comment here and press the “Comment” button to add the comment for the selected part in the current page/post.
5 - Remember to Publish or Update this page/post once you have added your comments. These comments could be seen from the “Activity Centre” as ‘comments’ (activity), and as regular comments on the page/post (as it appears in the Google Docs)
6 - Not just the current comment, but old comments, actions taken for comments, and all kinds of related operations that have been taken, can be viewed in the Activity Center. You can open the activity center by clicking the black-colored comment icon (Multicollab’s logo) on the top of the editorial section in the Gutenberg Editor.
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