Publishing Workflow

Learn how publishing workflow work with Muticollab plugin

How Multicollab Comments work with publishing workflow (For Different Page/ Post Status)

  • When a Post or Page is Saved as Draft When you save a post as draft or change its status from published/pending-review to draft, your comments – added using the Multicollab Plugin – remain on the Drafted post or page. However, it is essential to save your post before closing the editor. If not saved, comments will vanish.
  • When a Post or Page is Published Once you publish a post that is just created, or was drafted, or was in review, your action doesn’t affect the comments on the page/post. However, these comments won’t be visible to the viewers/visitors of your website.
  • When a Post or Page is Pending (In Review) When a post or page is submitted for review by an author or contributor, it allows the editors view and moderates the comments too. However, Multicollab comments will still be there on your page/post, until or unless you (or editor/admin/superadmin) don’t take any action regarding the comment.
  • On Status Change from any page/post status to another When the status of any post or page changes, it doesn’t affect the Multicollab comments. All comments remain where they are. However, the visibility or edit permission regarding these comments may change according to the permission for a page/post status.