Inline Comments

Learn how to add Inline comment in WordPress Gutenberg Block?
In-line comments are the one that can be viewed on the post/page itself. On clicking on the related text/block, you will be able to see that particular in-line comment better.
Editors and super-administrators can add, edit, reply-to, remove, and resolve in-line comments.
Add new comment: You can open a post or page in edit mode and add any number of in-line comments to it.
Edit a Comment: Click on the comment and then, use the Edit icon (pencil-icon) to make changes in your Multicollab comment.
Delete a Comment / Resolve a Comment: To resolve a comment, you must delete the comment from your post/page in WordPress, while using the Multicollab Plugin. Deleting the main comment will clear/delete all the related comments (child comments or the comments added below the main comment in the thread).
Publish / Update a Page/Post: After adding, deleting, or editing a comment, it is essential to save i.e. to click the publish/update button for that page/post.