Team Collaboration

Assign comments to team members and invite them to collaborate.
Multicollab Plugin lets you and your team members (added as users for your WordPress website) collaborate on WordPress pages and posts. However, your access rights (edit/see/comment) for pages/posts depend on the invitation type and your user role level.

How to mention Team Members in Comment or invite them to collaborate?

You may invite your team members for collaboration on your page/post. In order to do so, you can add comments on that online draft/page and mention the team member on it in the relevant comment(s).
Types of Users / User role with Permission to Mention Team Members in the comments
Multicollab Plugin utilizes the default WordPress user roles permissions for enabling the invitation capability and other rights. Here is the summary:
  • Super Admin, Administrator, and Editor have the permission to view, modify/edit, delete/resolve or add comments on any posts or page in the WordPress. These user roles can also reply to any comment or invite users to a post/page.
  • Author & Contributor user roles can add comments and handle commenting-related operations to their created posts or pages only.
Note: Publish/Update a Page/Post: Always, always update/save your post/page after taking any comment-related actions, or you will lose Multicollab comments on the page refresh.