Compatible Gutenberg Blocks

Learn how many default Gutenberg Block are Compatible with Multicollab plugin
Multicollab WordPress Plugin by Multidots works for various types of Gutenberg blocks. In fact, it works for almost all the Gutenberg blocks that you generally use in your posts and pages. Here is

Paragraph Block

For the paragraph blocks, you can either select the whole block or select a part (e.g., a few words). The Block Toolbar will appear. Select the Comment option to add a comment for the paragraph block (or its part), thereafter.

List Block

Select a part of a bullet-point, or multiple points, or a random section from the list block, or the whole block for your numbered or bulleted lists in the WordPress page/post editor to add a comment to it, using the Multicollab’s capabilities.

Table Block (Caption)

You can select a word or phrase in the table caption to add a comment to it using the Multicollab Plugin.
Note: (The plugin is only compatible with caption of table block)

Headings Block

For HTML headings (e.g. H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6), it is possible to add a comment. You just need to select the heading text, click on the Comment button in the Block Toolbar and add text in the comment box, and click on the Comment button.

Quote Block

In the text added as the quote block in your WordPress Page or Post, you need to select the desired text to add a Multicollab comment to it.

Image Block (Caption)

In the image blocks, it is possible to add a comment to the captions for your images.
Note: (The plugin is only compatible with caption of image block)
In the gallery block, WordPress users can select the main caption of the desired gallery and add a comment to it in their pages and posts.
Note: (The plugin is only compatible with main caption of gallery block)

Cover Block

If you have inserted a cover block in your page or post, Multicollab plugin lets you add comments to the selected text of the cover block.

Audio Block (Caption)

Add a comment on the caption, given to the audio block, in your WordPress page or post. Through it, you may let your team members know about the changes related to it.
Note: (The plugin is only compatible with caption of audio block)

File Block

The file block has a field named ‘file name’. Using the Multicollab editorial commenting plugin, you can add comments for the file block on its file name.

Pullquote Block

Select the text for commenting in the pullquote block. Using the appeared Block Toolbox, choose the option to Comment and add your comment easily.

Verse Block

In a verse block, users can select the text and add a comment using the common steps that we used for comment-creation using the Multicollab Plugin.

Button Block

Multicollab comment can be added to a button block by selecting the text on that particular button.

Media & Text

For the media and text blocks in your WordPress post/page, you may add comments to the text part of the block.