Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers you might find useful.

Does the Multicollab plugin support WordPress Classic Editor?

No, it works for the Gutenberg Editor. So, the editorial commenting for the posts and pages created through the Gutenberg editor in WordPress can be done through it. You will need to convert your content created using the classic editor to add comments to it.

Can I add comments in custom post types?

Yes, Multicollab Plugin works pretty well for the custom post types too. For any text part of these blocks, you can add comments and use our plugin.

How does the user role and permissions work in this plugin?

Super Admin, Administrator, and Editor can view, edit, delete, reply to, and resolve comments on any posts and pages for your WordPress website when the Multicollab plugin is installed and activated. Comment assignment and mentions can also be handled and moderated by them. Activity center for all the pages/posts is visible for these user roles alongside.
Authors and Contributors can only add, edit, delete, reply, and resolve the comments to their own posts. Assigning comments is also allowed for these users (for their own posts).